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Login with AuthentiCard.
Login with username and password.
Solution Partner (Operator) login.

Login with SECURiCARD

SECURiCARD is a card associated with a digital service supplied with the CISA RS5 and CISA RX keys.
Duplication of these keys can only be requested by presenting the SECURiCARD at an authorized CISA center, and the number of keys, date of the request and authorized CISA center are always recorded.


Your SECURiCARD is delivered with a PASSWORD card: scratch off the protective strip to reveal your password.


Activate your SECURiCARD account by logging in and registering your contacts to benefit from all the advantages for free:

  • View the history of all the operations carried out online: duplicate requests, number of keys supplied and changes to contacts.
  • Receive a notification via email and SMS (only if you provide your mobile phone number) whenever a key duplication is requested.
  • Ability to activate the OTP* option so that each key duplication request must be authorized by providing the OTP code that will be sent to your mobile phone at that moment.
  • Ability to create a digitized request for duplication (Ticket) and send it directly to the authorized CISA Center or print it and deliver it to a trusted person.

To login, open the User access Form and fill it in with your SECURiCARD ID and your password.
The SECURiCARD ID is composed by 12 alphanumeric characters; it is not case sensitive and it does not require spaces and dashes.


Login with AuthentiCard

AuthentiCard is an electronic card associated with a PIN code used to authenticate your identity for easy and secure access to CISA web solutions.
When the product is purchased, the PIN is hidden under a silver scratch-strip on the PIN card. 

Electronic card AuthentiCard
PIN card

Do you already own an AuthentiCard?

To login, open the Customer Access Form and fill it in with your AuthentiCard Code and your PIN.
The AuthentiCard Code is composed by 16 alphanumeric characters; it is not case sensitive and it does not require spaces and dashes.

Click Enter.

N.B.: the code 4065-8845-0528-5892 displayed here is for demo purpose, and it shall be replaced by your actual code.


CISA Web Solutions

  • Key Duplication with AuthentiCard: a new system for safer mechanical key duplication. It protects: your keys may only be duplicated by showing your AuthentiCard and PIN code. It stores: each duplication will be stored and you'll be able to visualize it on our website. It notifies: each operation will be notified to you by SMS or e-mail. Find out more on cisa.com
  • CISA AERO: a simple and flexible access control solution. Electronic locks, wall readers, electronic cylinders (and even mechanical cylinders) can be combined in one system with maximum flexibility. CISA AERO is designed for all those who want a simple, flexible, tailor-made electronic lock system. Find out more on cisahotels.com

Lost or stolen AuthentiCard

If your AuthentiCard is lost or stolen, it must be blocked and a new one must be purchased.
Contact CISA for information.

Forgotten PIN

Should you forget your PIN code, the existing AuthentiCard must be replaced and a new one purchased.
Contact CISA for information.


Login with Username and Password

It is possible to upgrade from the classic AuthentiCard + PIN credentials to a more secure login based on Username + Password, where the password shall match high security standards.
Once the secure login account is activated, login with AuthentiCard + PIN will not be accepted any more.

If you have activated the secure login, in the Customer Access form you shall fill in your username and password and press Enter to login.

Reset password

Should you forget your password, you can reset it from the Customer Access page.

Click on "Reset password" and fill in the email address associated to your username.

An automatic email will be sent, with a link that shall be used to reset the password. The link will expire in 2 hours; if it is not used before expiry, the email shall be re-sent.

This function is available only if you have activated your secure login with username and password.
It cannot be used if login is still based on AuthentiCard code and PIN.


Operator / Solution Partner Login

If you have signed a Solution Partner contract with CISA, click the link Operator Access to open the Operator Access form.

In the Operator Access form you can fill in your username and password and press Enter to login.